Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Barbara Piskur

Senior researcher / educator

Heerlen, The Netherlands

Barbara is a senior researcher at the Research Center Autonomy and Participation, and a senior lecturer at the Master of Advanced Nursing Practitioner & Master of Innovation in Complex Care,and the Occupational Therapy Department at Zuyd University, in the Netherlands. Her research interests are: (a) inclusion and belonging and policies of belonging in education, (b) exploring parents’ role in enabling participation of children with a physical disability with a focus on parents’ actions, challenges and needs, (c) evaluating and implementing participation/environment assessment instruments (e.g. CAPE, PAC, PEM-CY, COPM), (d) initiating and enabling user-involvement in research, (e) exploring context, evaluating and implementing interventions to enable child’s participation at school (e.g. Partnering for Change – P4C).

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Sarah Meuser

Sarah Meuser

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